Postcard arrives from Diane Bertrand, Canada

This is how Diane Bertrand envisions the future of the old city. The card is signed on April 5 and the magnificant stamp on it arrives uncancelled. Many thanks Diane.


Grigori Antonin sends my card back just as I assumed

Why so? Obviously because I send my cards usually in an envelope since the postage is the same here in Turkey for the letter and the postcard to foreign countries. So it is safer in the envelope I suppose. And I usually do not write anything by hand since my handwriting is not so good anymore I think.
Well this way the card lost the opera singer's head, arms and bust as well as the crumpled bottom end of her frock's long skirt. Torn out by the artist or in the post? Yet now the remaining piece somehow reminds me of a natural gas power plant. Also Grigori's logo is labelled the other side so the card is still singing yet another tune: No John Rays! In short, I have received an interesting altered "futuristanbul" card. Many thanks Grigori for your changes and additions.

Collaged postcard from Inez Olude da Silva, Belgium

One feels the future! Many thanks Ilez. For your project I will study Brazil.
Read about Inez Olude da Silva's mailart project:


Printed and original collaged cards by Domenico Severino

Domenico Severino sends his printed and original collaged cards in the same envelope with the catalog (2010) I blogged in the previous post. Many thanks Domenico for autographing your catalog and all those artwork that came along.
See Domenico Severino's website:

Catalog from Domenico Severino: Deconstruction of Subject

Humorous postcard from Nico van Hoorn, the Netherlands